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Your Staff Augmentation Team works as part of your local team, attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers.


Staff Augmentation

Having the right sized team is critical to any successful project. And sometimes, it's necessary to add new members to a team as projects enter new phases of maturity. We provide extra talent to scale your teams, boosting productivity and performance.

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So glad for having amazing customers that trust in what we do

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    “In MAvha we’ve found a Strategic Partner to execute our Product Development pipeline with a boosted productivity and performance. Needless to say, we’re hugely impressed by the value and professionalism of the team of MAvha.”
    Alejandro Traillou
    CEO — Mobile & Business SA.
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    “MAvha has been a massive plus for us, giving us access to a vast pool of talent in Latam, MAvha allow us to staff our teams and therefore to execute our projects faster than ever, with solid and committed engineers.”
    Laura Pereiro
    Outsourcing Services RA Airlines - Indra


Software Outsourcing

We help you to implement your solution, all the way from an idea to maintenance. We use agile development methods for implementation: you will always have an up-to-date version for trial and test use throughout the development period.

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Product Thinking & Innovation

Tech & Product experts will help you think your product from scratch by implementing a convination of methodologies such as Design Thinking, Customer Journey, Lean & Agile and a set of tools according on the needs.

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